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This book is for the parent who is tired and almost ready to give up. The parent may have said, “If I get one more note from school, I am going to lose it!” You are probably nodding your head, yes, it would certainly take a miracle for this child’s behavior to change. The good news is The Working of a Miracle was written to help and encourage parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone who struggles daily with behavior issues of children. This book addresses the many challenges of behavior problems and gives relevant solutions. It is comprised of prayers for specific behaviors and it gives tools for changing behaviors from a biblical perspective. The first tool is Practical Applications which includes easy to follow strategies. Another tool, is Ten Steps to Changing Behaviors; these steps are carefully explained and when applied will result in immediate and noticeable behavior change. Also, included is a six lesson Training Course for Changing Behaviors; it is designed to easily be implemented by parents.

The Working of a Miracle Changing Behavior in children ODD, ADHD and CD

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