“The service is great. Our son has shown lots of improvement since he started therapy at Automaticity. His therapists don’t make him feel as a patient, but they make him feel secure providing him lots of reinforcement and they see his potential for growth. As a family, we feel that the therapist want to help Kyle as much as we do and that means a lot to us.” – Anonymous
“Since we started working with Automaticity back in December of 2010, we have been extremely pleased with the services they provide. They have not only helped out with Brandon’s Autism, but they have devoted special attention to us by helping us with confusing paperwork insurance companies required. In the past, Brandon has seen many therapists but no therapist compare to the care given by Heather and Paula. Heather shows a level of expertise unlike I’ve ever seen before and Paula is very patient under stressful situations. The home based therapy provided by Automaticity is the best thing to happen our family. They’re home based therapy sessions are the best thing to happen to our family because they accommodate to our busy schedules. Since working with Automaticity, Brandon has shown excellent progress in social skills, academics, and behavior. Automaticity is spectacular and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for help for their child.”- Yohandra Martinez

Please click on this link The Miami Herald to read more on the Martinez Family success story.
“Our son has been receiving therapy from Automaticity for 4 months now. Since he started therapy he has shown much improvement with self help skills such as eating, washing his hands, and dressing himself. Not only that, but our son has shown major improvement with regards to making eye contact. Automaticity is a great support system because they have provided us with three therapists Janet Vasquez, Jennifer Espejo, and Jessica. The therapists working with our son are very professional, developed a great individualized program for our son, and are very patient and understanding to our sons needs. I would definitely recommend them to any family with an autistic child.” –Anonymous
"Automaticity has provided our family with hope, which is sometimes lost after you receive the initial diagnosis and several attempts at different treatments.  Within weeks of starting the program I have a happier and more confident child.  Mathews communications skills have improved dramatically and he has learned skills he can use at home and in the outside world.  I am so thankful for the effort and love his therapists have given my son to help him in his recovery. The program has changed our lives forever 


Cristina Lopez"