Teacher Workshop
This workshop is designed for any educators looking for tips and strategies on how to maintain a positive approach to managing difficult student behaviors in the classroom. This one-hour strategy workshop is designed to provide easy to understand, effective behavioral tips and strategies that teachers and paraprofessionals can implement in the class room setting. Our strategies are applicable to various class sizes, and can be adapted to benefit children of all ages and disabilities. Additional focus is placed on the importance of consistency across classroom staff, and recruiting parental involvement. Our fun, interactive approach to instruction will leave teachers feeling empowered and ready to regain control of the classroom.  Whether you’re a first year teacher or veteran, this workshop is a ideal for all educators who work with special needs children. 

Automaticity’s primary aim is to aid educators by providing them the opportunity to work in conjunction with us in order to build and uphold quality special education programs in their schools. Studies show that communication between educators and therapists is critical for a child’s development and improvement.  This is especially true for families with special needs children.  Over the past years, we have seen these findings hold precision with the families we serve. It has been observed that while working alongside with special needs educators, children with autism and related disorders exhibit exponential progress in academics, maladaptive behaviors, and language development. Educators who take advantage of this program, benefit not only their current students, but will make a difference to others throughout the rest of their careers.  Affiliation between educators and therapists assures exponential developmental progress for any child whether they are enrolled in special needs or mainstream classes.

This FREE workshop was designed by our dedicated team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and will be hosted by one of our renowned clinical directors. The topics discussed will be based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (click here to read more on ABA), a scientifically-based treatment approach recognized by the U.S. Surgeon General. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts has carefully tailored this workshop for educators among all class sizes to ensure successful implementation of ABA principles in any school setting (i.e. playground, classroom, lunch room, etc).

This one-hour strategy session offered through Automaticity, inc. will include light snacks and refreshments, followed by a meet and greet with our prominent team of clinical directors and is absolutely FREE of charge for all who attend. Our fun, interactive, approach to instruction plays a vital role for maximizing educational outcomes which all educators benefit from. If you would like more information or would like to sign up for our upcoming teacher workshop please CONTACT US.  We are eager to hear from you!

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