Skill Acquisition
One skill that distresses many parents is getting the child to learn to toilet train. This problem may present itself in many ways. Some children will only go when they remember, if they are not otherwise entertained, or only in some settings, such as at school but not at home, while others may simply refuse to use the toilet at all. Other skills, aside from the aforementioned, would greatly facilitate the life and social development of a child. These are skills that we do not necessarily focus on when we come across a child who possess them but become so obvious when they are absent.

Automaticity, Inc. provides skill training to clients who need assistance in acquiring the skills necessary for activities that we engage in on an every day basis. These activities are not necessarily problem behaviors, but rather skills that a child may have difficulty learning or that may interfere with learning. Although having these skills may not be a life or death matter, they are unequivocally essential for an individual’s independence.
Many of the skills that functionally “normal” individuals take for granted are extremely difficult for a person with a developmental disability to master. We provide skill training for various activities. Academic behaviors such as homework completion, focusing on assigned tasks in the classroom, and school productivity are certainly important skills for a child to acquire, yet many school aged children have a problem with this. Other times caretakers are simply worried that their child does not follow instructions regardless of the different approaches they may have tried. At times they may have even given up on the child. Other important skills include personal hygiene. For obvious reasons, parents want their child to be able to brush their teeth, shower, wash their hands on their own. 
Some of the other activities our skill acquisition program deals with include safety skills, self-care skills, exercise regimens, cooking, vocational skills, work productivity, job seeking skills, leisure and recreational skills,  and many other daily living skills. We dedicate ourselves to teaching these particular skills to our clients utilizing only empirically tested and validated methods. Our program is based on each individual’s strong and weak points. We take into account the specific client’s need and create a personalized skills acquisition program. By focusing on each client as an individual case we are able to create a training program that is sure to be successful.  The plan’s effectiveness is assessed continuously to ensure that progress is being made and to make any necessary alterations.  All skill acquisition programs incorporate behavior analytic principles and are developed by experts in the field who have been trained rigorously.
Our Approach
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