Parent Training
There is an ample selection of methods that can be used to provide adequate training. At Automaticity, we offer a series of courses that teach caretakers how to correctly implement behavior modification techniques. Participating in these courses equip caretakers with the most effective and appropriate methods and treatment options. It is essential to teach parents and staff basic behavior analytic principles that will further assist them in managing the child’s behavior.One such concept is that of reinforcement, which is the operation of immediately following a behavior with consequences that will result in an increase in the occurrence of that behavior

Behavior is continuously under the control of the environment it occurs in. Creating an environment that exerts positive control over a child’s behavior is of crucial importance in the treatment process. For this reason it is essential to include and train all those who interact with the child to appropriately implement behavior modification techniques. At Automaticity we feel that for a behavior program to be effective the joint effort of all caretakers and staff is necessary. The aim of behavioral training is to aid caretakers to more successfully manage the child’s behavior. The goal of Automaticity is to augment the progress made from therapy sessions further by training parents, family members, personal care assistants, group home and ADT staff, as well as all others who provide care, help the child sustain the skills that he/she has acquired.
Our Approach
Behavioral caretaker training at Automaticity, Inc. is set up in such a way as to allow all participants to understand and apply the learned techniques successfully.
Punishment, on the other hand, is a procedure that results in the decrease of a behavior when it is immediately followed by a particular consequence. Extinction, which results in a decrease in the likelihood of the response by withholding the reinforcing consequences that maintained the behavior, as well as stimulus control, respondent conditioning, and antecedent control techniques, are among the many behavioral procedures that parent training will educate caretakers on. They will also be taught how to properly deal with a crisis situation. A crisis can impair the acquisition of desirable treatment results, therefore, learning how to diminish these occurrences can be of great benefit. In addition, parents and staff will learn how to effectively communicate with the child with the use of communication boards, picture cards, sign language, leading, and the like which is addressed in the language training course.