Behavior Management
Caregivers often become frustrated with their child’s behavior and may even resort to ineffective methods of discipline. The range of behaviors that caretakers classify as inappropriate may vary anywhere from irritating and bothersome, such as a child who does not finish his homework, or does not clean up after him/herself, even does not obey instructions.

Behavior Programs
We focus on each individuals specific needs and develop a behavioral program that can and will successfully manage their problem behavior. The success of our behavior management programs lie in our commitment to not only eliminate problem behaviors, but more importantly, to provide the client with more appropriate alternative ones.
Every management program commences with a methodical functional assessment in order to better understand why the problem behavior occurs and set up a behavioral plan that will develop the desirable behavior in its place. Because every individual case is different, each behavior program is especially designed to fit the particular client. Our behavior analysts possess a vast knowledge of the various techniques, as well as the application of those techniques, which the field has scientifically proven to be effectual through years of experiential research.
Generally, all behavior plans offered by Automaticity use positive reinforcement as their first behavior management approach. Positive reinforcement is the presentation of a pleasant or rewarding stimulus immediately following a behavior and consequently leads to an increase in the occurrence of that behavior. This is one of the most powerful techniques for managing behavior. One other approach that may be taken, termed extinction, calls for withholding or discontinuing reinforcement of a previously reinforced response. Extinction results in a decrease in the occurrence of a behavior and is the preferred method when reinforcement procedures fail. Punishment, the process .
Our Approach
Automaticity, Inc. employs skilled Board Certified Behavior Analyst who are proficient in the field and are experienced in an extensive range of maladaptive behaviors. The most common problem behaviors we deal with include, but are not limited to: aggressive behaviors, self-injurious behavior, stereotypic autistic behavior, verbal aggression, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity, rumination, obsessive compulsive behavior, inappropriate sexual behaviors, non-compliance, phobias, ticks, PICA, elopement (running away), tantrums, stealing, excessive talking, inappropriate social skills, encompresis and enuresis, mouthing, and dietary control problems. At Automaticity you are guaranteed an expert and capable staff who will manage those problem behaviors that are currently causing you and your family distress.
These behaviors that may endanger the life of the child or others in the immediate environment. These more serious behaviors may present themselves as acts of aggression, self-injurious behavior, running away from home or school and the like. Although parents oftentimes lose hope and think nothing can be done, at Automaticity we have dealt with these and an immense amount of other problem behaviors effectively. Our behavior analysts are trained to work with clients of all ages, from children, to adolescents, and adults. Our primary concern is to help the individual learn and acquire the skills necessary to thrive in our society.
of presenting a consequence immediately following a behavior which results in a decrease in the frequency of that behavior, is implemented as a last resort, in cases where it is unavoidably necessary, and only if all other methods prove ineffective.
Behavior programs are inspected  before they are implemented and continuously during treatment by the clinical director to evaluate their effectiveness and ensure that the best possible plan is being utilized