Company Profile
Automaticity, Inc. is an all-inclusive developmental disabilities service provider.  We provide in-home care to individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of age or disability.  We provide services in three major markets in the state of Florida, specifically Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & Tampa.  We also provide consulting services over long distances.    We have been providing these services for a number of years and are the leader in many areas.

We have a unique blend of professionals working with us from a variety of different backgrounds and specialties.  The staff working for Automaticity Inc. has unique understanding of the culture here in South Florida and can work well with families and friends of individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Below is an overview of our company discussing our mission statement, goals, philosophy and our diverse professional staff.  Please click on the pictures below to learn more about our company.

Mission Statement
The mission of Automaticity, Inc. is to plan, create, implement and monitor state-of-the-art Behavior Analysis services to the community.  We aim to develop close relationships with the families/ organizations that we serve.
We utilize a variety of techniques all with underpinnings in Behavior Analysis and hope to educate and integrate this service into the community.
Our Goal
Our goal here at Automaticity, Inc. is not only to provide therapeutic services to individuals’ in-need, but to also provide parents and caretakers with the tools they need to effectively manage problems independently.

"Reach for the Moon, the worst that can happen is you slip and fall on a star."

Here at Automaticity, Inc. we guide our treatment by the following protocol:

  • Behavior Analysis services focuses on a client centered approach, specifically allowing the client to learn in a training setting and adapt it to a natural environment.
  • All employees of Automaticity focus on treating individuals with developmental disabilities within the guidelines of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).
  • We focus on a reinforcement first approach, specifically working with the least restrictive interventions.
  • All skills taught to the client are functional in the sense that they can be utilized in the natural environment and are useful in some way to the client.
  • Most importantly we feel that the families are an integral part of the treatment process and are not only informed of the treatment package but are actively involved with the interventions.
  • All treatment plans are reviewed with the family first before treatment begins.

Professional Staff
Automaticity, Inc. employs a diverse group of professionals in the field of Behavior Analysis with varying levels of expertise from Bachelor’s level to PhD level analysts and some undergraduate level therapists.  All of our analysts are certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as BCaBAs, BCBAs or BCBA-Ds. 

All staff working one-on-one with clients are certified in crisis management techniques. All of our analysts are bilingual (English & Spanish).