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For several years now, Automaticity has been providing Applied Behavior Analysis Services specially catered to families with children with Autism.  Automaticity has been working together with military insurance companies, which utilize the most widely accepted form of treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities, namely; Autism.  ABA therapy helps with a wide variety of skill acquisition and behavior management, the ideal fit for individuals with Autism. 

Military insurance companies have created a model of therapy where the credentialed therapist (BCBA or BCaBA) assesses and provides the one-to-one therapy is still an option available to Military insurance companies beneficiaries, however, this new model is designed to improve access to ABA therapy for eligible children with ASD, the program employs a service delivery model that uses Tutors (non-certified therapists) to provide one-to-one therapy under the supervision of a credentialed therapist (BCBA or BCaBA). Active duty military sponsors and their families are eligible to enroll in this program when there is a qualifying diagnosis such as an ASD.  If you or your spouse are an active duty service member and have a child with Autism, and would like help enrolling in the program provided by your military insurance company, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you throughout the process.

Automaticity, Inc. has spent many years attending to the needs of individiuals with special needs.  Recently a new program has emegered allowing our network of providers to provide servcies to military families in the south florida region.  We here at Automaticity Inc. have taken pride in helping children with Autism over the years, we can now take special pride in serving those who serve our country, namely our soldiers and their families.  Please read below to find out more about this special program.
ASDs affect human behaviors such as social interaction, communication, imagination and relationships. It is estimated that nearly 8,500 children of active duty service members have an ASD. The program provided by your military insurance company should test the feasibility and advisability of permitting reimbursement for Educational Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders (EIA) services delivered by paraprofessional providers.

Their programs are designed to help the Department of Defense determine whether:
• There is increased access to these services
• The services are reaching those most likely to benefit from them
• The quality of those services is meeting a standard of care currently accepted by the professional community of providers
• Requirements are met for State licensure and certification where such exists

A number of Autism services, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), have been introduced to treat ASD. Currently ABA is the only therapy for autism that is accepted within the Military Health System (MHS) as having been shown to reduce or eliminate specific problem behaviors and teach new skills to children with ASD. ABA therapy is provided by most major insurance companies and ALL military health insurance companies.

These paraprofessionals deliver care under the strict supervision of the providers from your military insurance company-authorized credentialed therapists (BCBAs and BCaBAs).

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